Lighting Services

Because of our years of experience with multiple manufactures and providers we’re able to design an efficient system specific to each of your facilities.
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Energy Audits

We have the ability to respond quickly to requests for audits of virtually
any size, at any location. We have developed a data-gathering procedure using
tablet computers, assuring that all relevant data is gathered for each facility, and
is accurately transferred to an Excel spreadsheet or your analysis package. We
do not rely on the device to determine retrofit strategies; each auditor is a
qualified lighting designer, and able to make the best retrofit decision in the field,
on-site. We are confident that the audit and design information we submit is as
accurate as can be produced.
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Turn-Key Lighting Systems

We have relationships with LED, HID and fluorescent fixture
manufacturers directly, as well as through distribution, and are continuously
monitoring our pricing so that we are confident that we are buying competitively.
In addition, we heavily favor those suppliers who will give us quality materials
and service, both extremely important to the long term success of a project

Project Management
In most cases, one of the Project Managers assigned to a
particular project will have also been one of the auditors! He will already be
familiar with the personnel at the facility, and any potential challenges involved in
the installation. This will help facilitate a quick start and easy transition into the
installation phase of the project. We require daily or weekly progress reporting,
as necessary, and will pass this along to you. Our Project Managers perform
random checks of installation, opening fixtures and checking to make sure that all
work is done neatly and completely.

We require all of our staff as well as any employee to read and
understand our printed safety manual. Any additional safety training required by
the facility is included. We require weekly “toolbox” safety meetings, and
maintain written records of each topic discussed, with a signature from each
employee attending the meeting. We comply with all requirements in our host
facility for safety protective equipment, lock-out/tag-out procedures, equipment
inspection, hazardous materials handling/reporting, etc.

Project Reporting
We keep a running audit of actual retrofits versus
proposed, as invariably some items will be found in previously non-accessible
spaces, and some items originally slated for retrofit will be determined by you or
the customer to be skipped. This information is always available to you, and will
be presented in the form of a Maintenance Manual, with all quantities, operating
instructions and warranty information at the end of the project.

We offer onsite training to key employees of the facility, to explain proper
maintenance and operation of lighting systems and controls.
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